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Listen to the sounds through the stillness. Feel the calm and the peace.Learn to be in the space of silence and stillness. There is a time to be in action and a time to be still and listen. Listen to the loudness of the quiet within you. Bring your focus within. Everything you need is already within you. It’s within the vibration of your higher self. Everything you need and everything you want is here in this space.

The journey to what you want is also in this space. Learn to focus on the center of your being. Bring your attention to your heart and listen. This is where all begins. Your heart is the center of all creation. Your heart is the space where all dreams and desires are born. Your heart and the heart of source energy are one vibration and one frequency. There is no separation. It is one heart, one beat, and one beautiful rhythm. Just as your breath is one breath.

You and source are one and so we say it is in this space that you can feel the oneness of everything and everyone around you.

From this place within you, you will find the strength of source. The knowledge and the divine wisdom of source. The inspiration of source. The ideas & solutions of source. There is nothing that you cannot find from this space. For all is possible the possibilities are endless. There are no limitations, except the limitations that you place upon yourself. Free yourself from the ego. Break free of your fears. See the spirit of you, the whole of you, and the wholeness that is you. From this wholeness, feel your joy. Feel the happiness that is yours. Feel the love that is free and pure. The love that is the joy in wholeness. Feel the vibration of the oneness of you and God source. Feel the vibration of absolute magnificence. This is where all dreams, all desires, are created and born. It’s in this space of pure love and bliss you create your blessings of abundance. It’s from this vibration that the seeds you plant begin to blossom & bare fruit. This is where all visions become manifest.

The Angels of Alchemy

Written & Channeled by Dee Grewal

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