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A NEW DAWN (Angelic Channeling)

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

These are powerful times of change.  Your planet , the Mother Gaia and you as a collective are going through major transformation.  This is a shift of the ages.  The time of the Golden Era and the New Dawn is upon you.  It is imperative that you detach from the chaos and the fear that is rising around you.  

Those of you who are already awakened , this is why you have come, this is why you have awakened.  Your experiences, your journeys have lead you to this point in time where the collective consciousness is going through mass awakening and transformation. You are The Bearers of the Light. Notice how your heart is expanding at this time.  The expansion of your heart is the great awakening of the Divine Feminine within each of you.  The creative life force energy. The vibrational frequency of your entire Universe, for the expansion of the heart is the receiving of the Divine Feminine .  The Age of the Water Bearer, The Age of Aquarius has been about the shift from Divine Masculine to the Divine Feminine.  This is a time where the collective consciousness is being bought into alignment and balance. You have been for a very long time dominated by the shadow aspects of the Divine Masculine energies.  Which is the exact vibrational frequency that has created such an imbalance in your world today. This is not to say that the Divine Masculine frequency is negative. For you must have both Masculine and Feminine energy in alignment for balance, however this is to make you aware that the Masculine frequency has been used in the shadow forms.  

There are people who remain unawakened and continue to operate from the ego.  But this to is all a part of the divine plan.  For without the shadow there cannot be light. It is from the shadow you move to the light. It is from your experiences in the shadow that you transcend into the light.  

Those of you that are awakening, you are remembering all that you are of the spirit .  You are remembering the light and love that you are. These are dark times, but you must remember where there is dark there is also the light. Many of you are looking to what is unfolding around you from a place of fear.

​Awakened ones we ask you to not allow yourselves to drop into the lower vibrational frequencies of fear, chaos and hysteria.  Remember who you are and your purpose, Healers and lightworkers of the world, remember why you have come, all that you have learned and transcended.  You are the spirit.  The spirit the healer within you has great power.  There are those of you who are awakened that are falling back into a place of fear.  You must detach from the negativity and toxicity around you. Avoid being sucked into the vortex of negativity that is being created by outside shadow forces.  The media, the news, social media outlets are all of the shadow. Self-care is of the highest importance for each and every one of you. Your number one responsibility as lightworkers and healers of the world is to first heal yourselves and then focus on the healing as a collective.  We guide you to withdraw from the noise and fear around you and move into a place of healing for we are working with you, supporting and guiding you all at this time.  You must trust in the creative force the Mother Father God within each of you. Your inner guidance will never lead you astray. 

The pause you are finding yourselves in is all about being in the receptive states. It is an absolute necessity since life has become so out of balance at this time. You have been in the vibrational frequency of thinking, doing and acting, and so little of receiving, being, resting and playing. The Divine Feminine is all about receiving, meditating, being , intuition, compassion, empathy, peace, happiness, joy and above all LOVE.  You as a collective cannot survive the way you have been for all this time. It is why you find yourselves as a collective consciousness in the place that you are now.  There are no mistakes, what is unfolding around you is not something that has happened to you.  It is has been created by you.  For the World is a Mirror of what has been created by the collective.  It has been created from the Ego, from the fear and the shadow.  It has been created from the separation of spirit and you.  The separation from your creator the divinity that is you. 

This is a time of Divine Union, we do not speak to you about the Union of two Lovers coming together as one. This is a time of the Divine Union of you and the spirit the Creator,  The Divine Union of you as the light.  

We understand there are many questions arising at this time about the times you are in as a collective.  This is a message of reassurance that you are exactly where you are meant to be. It is not necessary to know all, it is however necessary to stand strong in your power and in your faith.  There is a divine will and divine plan and although you may internally struggle with what is unfolding around you, you must learn to be in place of acceptance and faith that all is well. Look not with your physical sight but look instead from your spiritual sight.  For what appears to be wrong is but an illusion being created by the ego.  This isn’t a time to focus on what is unfolding as a problem but instead to focus on it as a solution for much will be transcended and transformed in the collective at this time. 

To answer your question on what you can do to transcend the times that are upon you, we guide you to remember you are Spirit, to focus on the light and only the light. Focus on sitting quietly in meditation morning and evening. Connection is your greatest protection!!

While you sit imagine and visualize a pure white golden light that comes down through your crown and into your body, visualize this light flowing through your entire body, through every cell and every organ.  See this light surround you internally and externally.  Practice the healing modalities you have learned.  Those of you who are practitioners of Reiki or other forms of healing we guide you to heal yourselves daily. Those who are not attuned to a form of healing may simply visualize and focus on the light as we have described.  Remember where there is light there can be no darkness. The light will always dim the darkness. Do not focus on the energy or vibration of sickness and illness.  Do not give illness a name.  For remember all is according to the laws of attraction. And the law of attraction is what you put out is what you will attract.  Energy flows where intention goes.  This is THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. Focus on light and you will create more light. Focus on dark and you will create more dark.  

Awakened ones you have a great responsibility at this time for yourselves and the collective.  You are being asked to step forth as THE BEARERS OF THE LIGHT, and fulfill the mission you came to fulfill.  THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION! There is much to be shared but not all will be revealed at this time.  You will receive further guidance as you go through different stages of this grand awakening of the collective. We urge you to trust , have faith and believe that all will be well.  There are things you cannot see behind the scenes and things you do not yet need to see.  More will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive. Be present in the here and now.  Remember it’s not about the destination it is about the journey and the experience.  We surround you with so much love and light. Know that you are not alone on your path.  There are divine forces at work behind the scenes. Know that you are so very loved. Beloveds we leave you with Love and Blessings.  


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