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Support Group

Dee came to my house in Orange County NY to read tarot cards for a group of 12 women. From the moment she came inside I knew it was going to be a great day. So warm. Each lady met with Dee left shocked at how much Dee seemed to know about their lives. The cards certainly didn't lie. some left in tears of happiness...some left with the mouth hanging open and some left with a new attitude about their lives. Dee was in for the long haul...she didn't stop except for 2 short breaks. she made sure each lady got the reading the expected. Dee is the real deal...from her super awesome personality to her psychic abilities.

Robin Young

Female Presenter

I attended Dee's Platform Mediumship Event last night and as an aspiring medium, it left me feeling inspired. Dee was able to connect with loved ones for many of the attendees. She was able to provide such clear evidence of our loved ones that it was obvious she was communicating with them. She is honest and humble and her priority is her connection with spirit. She does this work out of love and respect for spirit, the ones that have crossed over and the ones that are still living. You can't do this work if you're not working from your heart and hers is in the right place. I would highly recommend her for spirit communication.

Carol Vargas

Image by Shreyas shah

My family and I recently had the pleasure of doing a reading with Dee. She is an extremely bright, energetic and vibrant individual with a true gift. We experienced a tragic loss not long ago, and Dee was able to answer many of the questions that were left unanswered to allow us to begin healing. She was undeniably accurate in her accounts, and offered a great deal of comfort to my family and I. Highly recommended!! Looking forward to our next one!!! Thank you so much

Paula Boyle

Image by Jen Theodore

Dee has brought through my family in Spirit with accuracy on many occasions, she is a terrific medium. Her Angel reading has offered a tremendous amount of guidance and she has helped me to start working with the Angelic Realm in her Angel Circle.

Lee VanZyle

Sandy Beach

Dee is absolutely incredible. She is a wonderful client at the salon I work at and she did a group reading for the girls and I. Dee spoke to two of my lost loved ones and I couldn't believe how right she was on everything. She said things only my immediate family and I know. She gave me the closure I needed. She gave myself and the girls a gift no one else could have. She is AMAZING. I will be going to her again for sure. She really has a gift and is a miracle worker. I'm so grateful I got to work with her. Everyone should go to her! She's simply the best at what she does!

Alicia Marie Clark

Image by Kelly Sikkema

I had a reading with Dee today and she was absolutely amazing. She brought through my mother-in-law who passed just recently and the details of her illness and situations around her passing blew me away. She truly touched my heart and you can tell how deep she was connected to spirit and can truly feel all the emotions coming through. I have been wanting to hear from her and I'm so grateful for this reading and knowing she is still very much present in my life. Thank you so much Dee you are an incredible and beautiful light! You are truly gifted and hope to reconnect in the near future!

 L J Dong

Young Women Brainstorming

I was curious and felt guided to the "Angel Oracle Card" Workshop at the Montclair Metaphysical Center in Rutherford, NJ. Dee Grewal was the Instructor for the workshop. I went to the class open-minded, not knowing what to expect but as soon as she started speaking, I knew that I was in the right place. Everything she said resonated with me emotionally. She is naturally gifted & It was evident that she is experienced & passionate on the topic of Angels. She made the class so interesting, that I decided to check out her Angel's Circle on the following 2 Wednesdays. 2 weeks later I decided that I will be going every Wednesday as much as I can. I enjoy her spiritual energy, her enthusiasm and her authenticity. I highly recommend taking any of the workshops that Dee facilitates or doing a reading with her. 5 Stars and 2 thumbs up for this Remarkable Lady...

Nina Marcalle

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