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CONNECTING TO SOURCE (Angelic Channeling)

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

To feel joy and happiness in your life you must learn to become aligned with the vibration of gratitude and appreciation. Just as you must learn to focus on the vibration of love. When you are not feeling joy or happiness you are out of alignment with the God Source. For your true vibration is all that which is of Source. Source is the vibration of joy, happiness, peace, and, above all, LOVE.

You feel unhappy when there is a separation from that which you are. But this separation comes from your mind. It comes from your fears. It’s a separation that you create. It’s a separation that is built on illusions of the Ego/mind. There is no separation. Remember all is energy and you are energy. The more you allow your mind to focus on fears, drama, and negativity, the more you will experience the same. They become active in your vibration. Like attracts like. This is why it’s important to have a healthy mind, and just as importantly, a healthy body. They are not separate. The alignment happens in unison. The more you focus on clearing out your mind, the more you will feel drawn to cleanse, clear, and purify your body. The healthier your mind becomes, the healthier your body becomes. This is where you come into harmonious alignment and balance. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and things of beauty. Surround yourselves in environments that uplift your spirit and leave behind situations, people, and places that are toxic.

Exercise your physical bodies so that you can move energy. You store the energies that you absorb throughout the day. When you exercise you move energy that is stagnant or stuck. Energy that is active from lower vibrations of active thoughts, or the situation and environments you surround yourself in. So this is why we say to you, choose wisely! Choose wisely where you spend time and with whom. It is not necessary for you to stay in toxic situations. Learn to walk away from things that are not serving you. Learn to walk away from those things that keep you stuck in a lower vibration. Have awareness of how you feel. Ask yourselves questions about how you feel. How you feel is key to how you manifest. If you feel good, you manifest all that is good. But in the very same way when you feel bad you manifest things that match that frequency. In truth there is no good or bad. There is that which is created by the frequency and vibration of thought that you are transmitting outward. So create those thoughts and feelings which make you feel good.

Have awareness of what you are thinking. Choose your words wisely. Do those things that balance your mind, body and spirit.


The Angels of Alchemy

Channeled & Written by Dee Grewal

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