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THE POWER OF SPIRIT (Angelic Channeling)

If you only knew what your spirit is truly capable of and what your true state of being and absolute vibration is. There is so much that the soul, your spirits are capable of even in this earthly and human existence. Far more than most learn in this lifetime, or most people even understand. Part of your development and learning, your growth, is for you to recognize the true power and the power that is within your spirit. To learn how to work with your natural given gifts that each of you has. Each of you is unique and different, and yet within each of you there is the vibration of love, all-encompassing & unconditional love.

You are created in the image and likeness of your creator and being the creator is the absolute vibration of love. So the God within you is also the God within her and the God within everyone and everything that you see.Yet the majority of you still see with your physical sight and struggle to truly see through your spiritual vision. You see using the mind, versus truly seeing with the heart. When you see with the mind you are looking through the lens of the ego, not through the eyes of spirit, and not what is of the heart. The vision you see is the vision that the ego-mind has created. The ego is there but to create separation, categorize, and to pull you away from everything that is the universal truth of love. The ego imprisons you in a world of illusion. It is not even real, for anything that is of the mind and the ego is created from a place of fear, and where there is love there cannot be any fear.

Your God, the spirit within you, does not have the vibration of fear. The vibration of fear has been created from the mind and the ego. Has been created from faulty belief systems. Belief systems that do not serve you and that diminish your spirit. That make you feel unworthy and less than.

And yet we say to you there is not one of you that is unworthy. Every one of you is worthy. Every one of you is unique and powerful beyond your understanding. The more you focus on vibration and learn to apply yourself in such a way that you operate from the vibration that you are, you allow the power of your spirit to rise. So once you begin to recognize the spirit within, you will recognize the spirit within others. You will begin to share the love within you with others. You will begin to blossom and your powers within each of you will become stronger.

It is funny to see that many of you become so detached from your spirit. There is so much focus upon the physical appearance. Yet not one of you is in any way in your creator's eyes less than or lacking beauty. For true beauty is not of the appearance. It is of the heart. It is of the soul and the spirit within you. You are not what you see, you are of the spirit. There is nothing of the spirit that is incomplete. You are all beautiful in your unique way. Even when you look and perceive others, it is not for you to only see with your physical sight but to see with your spiritual sight, to truly see the beauty that lies within you all, to see the beauty of the soul and spirit within others and recognize it as you.

For true absolute beauty is of the spirit within, the spirit within in that connects you all. Each of you is connected, each of you is one. 

The more that you focus on these outwardly things and the more you focus on these negative thoughts and ideas that you have of yourselves, you become unraveled and you become diminished and you put out your light and we say to you, why would you do that? Why would you put out your lights? If you were talking to a child, would you say to a child you are ugly? No, you would not, you would never say that to a child, you would not say those words to a child, you would love and nurture a child. And so we say to you why would you not love and nurture yourselves? Why would you not see the beautiful light that you are? And in the same way, while you focus on these things that are of no great importance, you pull yourselves away from the power of the spirit and you are not able to accomplish all that you can accomplish because you see only what you choose to see and yet what you see again it comes from the mind and it comes from the ego. The mind will say to you, “you are not worthy.” The mind will say to you, “you are not good enough.” The mind will say to you, “not right now.” The mind will say to you, “maybe I’ll do it tomorrow." There’s no moment like the present. Who is to say to you that you cannot accomplish something? There is that side of you that will say “I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this today.” Then there is that other side that rises and says, “You're not good enough, why would you say that you’re going to do that?!” We say to you, when you listen to these voices inside you, to ask if this message comes from The Holy Spirit. Ask if it comes from the divine. If it comes from the creator. Would the creator say to you, “my child you are unworthy.” Would the creator say to you, “you cannot accomplish this task.” Your mind will and your ego will. For the ego is of the dark. It is of the shadow. It wishes to keep you in the dark. It wishes to keep you in the shadow. Part of the spiritual awakening, the journey, and the process, is for you to rise. It is for you to recognize the spirit the soul within. It is for you to find that place within you that is absolute, that is infinite, that is of God. 

Part of your spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear, the unlearning of the ego, and embracing the vibration of love. This is a huge part of your spiritual growth, learning, and your path. You cannot be an enlightened soul unless you embrace the path of love, for love is you. You are love. It is one. It is not separate, and yet if you continue to hold onto these ideas and thoughts that are not born of love, then you will continue to remain in a state that is detached from the truth of your soul, of your being. You will continue to remain in a state that is based on fear. You will remain in the shadow,. You will not rise to the light. The only way you can rise to the light is the unlearning of the ego. Is to reprogram the mind. Is to allow your mind to be more centered on love, peace, calm, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, and empathy, to be in a natural state of grace. Your natural vibration when you return to spirit is of joy, is of peace, is of love, is of compassion and empathy, is of kindness and generosity,. Everything else is not of your natural state. When you return to spirit you experience feelings of euphoria and bliss, you feel joy and happiness that is so natural for your spirit to feel.

Part of your spiritual learning is to be able to find that joy, that euphoria, and that bliss in this world. Some of you may not understand that or may even say it is not possible. And we say to you nothing is impossible, for what could not be possible when you are created in the image and the likeness of your creator. And if your creator is that absolute vibration then why would it be impossible for you to embrace that vibration here. What holds you back is your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions, that come from judgments, attachments and expectations.

We do not say to you to reject all that is human within you, After all, we know and understand you are spirit living a human existence. And yet you can still be human and embrace the path of the spirit and embrace the absolute vibration of who and what you truly are. There can be heaven on earth. The only thing that blocks it, is the limited mind.

It is the mind that says to you, “it cannot be possible, it cannot be real, it cannot happen.” But yet we say to you again nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible for the spirit within you. You can climb the highest mountain, you can overcome any obstacle and challenge it is how you approach it. Part of that is learning how to be in a place of detachment. To not attach yourselves to outcomes, to not attach yourselves to the surrounding emotions. To not have this expectation of how things are going to turn out. To allow, to surrender, to surrender to a higher power and allow things to unfold in a more natural state. The problem is most of you try to control how things unfold in your life and then when things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, then you become unraveled, you become sad, you become depressed, you become everything again that is not of your natural state of being and who you are. You allow that negative mind and that negative thinking to pull you into such a deep place of darkness, you allow yourselves to sink into a bottomless pit, and then you struggle to pick the pieces back up and rise. And yet if you remember to be in a state of grace and if you remember the power of your spirit and the love that you are, it will not be hard for you to rise, to manage and to overcome. 

You must learn to not try to control everything in your life. To have faith and to surrender to a greater power. Surrender and trust. This is another thing you may struggle with. You struggle so much with trusting and believing and having faith. Why? Sometimes you need to learn. You need to learn to have blind faith. It is not necessary for you to see every step ahead. It is not necessary for you to know every second of what the future holds. Some things should be left for the imagination. Dare to dream a dream, and trust that dream will unfold. Have faith in something greater. It is also not necessary for you to hold onto your past. To wear it like a backpack filled with a ton of bricks weighing you down. Suffocating and dimming your light once more. For you cannot change what is of the past. You can learn and see that everything of the past was but an experience. And your past has molded you into the person that you are today. Learn to love, embrace, and nurture the shadow just as much as you do the light. For without the shadow you would not have the light, and without the light, you would not have the shadow. There needs to be an equal part in everything. There is an equal balance in the universe. It is the way of the universe. It is a universal law and balance. So you must learn to embrace the darkness and the light. If you did not have your experiences in the shadow and the darkness, your paths could have been very different. You always have a choice. There is always free will, Every experience in some way has touched your life and every experience has taught you something. How you see it, is your choice. You can choose to view it as, "this was my experience and I learned," or you can choose to be the victim. But you are not a victim because you always have free will. You choose your paths. You knew even before you came here what your path would be. The lessons that you would come to learn and how you would overcome. There are always multiple choices that are presented for you.

Therefore there will be the experiences as a result of the choices that you have made. This is not a punishment that comes from the source. The God source does not punish you. This is another misconception. That you would think that your source, the creator god, the absolute vibration of unconditional love would punish you. Why would the source punish you? God, source, loves you. Loves you in a way that you don't even know how to love yourselves. And yet we guide you to love yourselves. To nurture and embrace yourselves. To talk to your selves as you would talk to a child. You would not say the things that you say to yourselves, to a child. 

There is so much that you are learning and adapting to and sometimes we understand the path is a difficult one, but you are never alone. Loneliness is something that many of you feel. That you do not have the love and the support that you desire and that you need. Yet there are forces that you do not see and support that is there. We may not be able to intervene unless you ask us. For every one of you has free will. Call on us and you will receive the support. You will have the support that you desire and need. We ask you that when you pray, when you ask for guidance and support, that you also learn to surrender. Surrender and have absolute faith that your prayers are heard and answered. Sometimes what you ask for may differ from the expectations you had of how you wanted it to be, but know that there is a greater story and that source sometimes answers your prayers in mysterious ways. In ways that you never could imagine yourselves. When source answers your prayers know that the outcome will exceed your expectations. You may not recognize it at the moment but when it unfolds you will have a different understanding, you will understand why things happened the way they did.

Two of the most difficult lessons that you learn in this lifetime are learning to love yourselves completely, exactly as you are, and the other is letting go. Letting go of people, places, and toxic situations that do not serve you. We understand that you are spirit living a human experience and sometimes it can be quite difficult to let go. We do not judge you. We love you, and we support you. Although sometimes you might yell and scream you do not understand, we do. We understand things in a way that you yourselves do not yet understand. For you cannot see what we see. The more you focus on your spiritual insights and gifts, and developing the natural gifts that are within every one of you, you will see things you weren’t able to see before. The more that your spirit rises and you become enlightened you will understand and see things from a higher perspective. We do not expect you to be perfect. This is another struggle that you all battle with, wanting to be perfect. There is a perfectness in you that is of your spirit and your light. This is within each of you. T

The tasks that you perform on a day to day. If some things work, that's okay. If they don’t work, this is okay too. Why be so hard on yourselves? You are so quick to judge yourselves and judge others. Learn to be gentle. To be kind to yourself. Be kind and gentle to others. Not to be so judgmental and to send love.

If there are difficulties that you have with others, go back to what we have shared here with you today. See those that you judge through the eyes of spirit. See them as the light that you are. They are also the same light. See that light within them.

You do not have to have a conversation with a person that you are having difficulties with. Some relationships are not meant to be forever. Some relationships come in to help you with your growth and learning. Once you break free of codependency, toxic behavioral patterns, and you have learned and integrated through your experience, those relationships will have served a purpose. Some relationships it is in your best interest to leave behind, but you can send the spirit love and you can forgive. For it is through the sending of love and forgiveness that healing occurs for yourself and for the person you are sending it to. And this one act in itself can shift the vibration and the energy of that relationship. Learn to be more connected to your higher selves, to your souls and spirit for this is where the true power lies and it is your absolute state of being. Learn to be the peace and the calm in the storms, remember to always act from a place of love, empathy, compassion, and kindness. And if you feel drawn to say unkind words ask, Would this come from spirit? Would this come from the absolute vibration of who I am and what I am? Will this serve a purpose? If you can just stop and take a breath and remember these things you will see how much you grow and evolve.

We are sending you blessings of love, and healing, now and always.

The Angels of Alchemy

Written and Channeled by Dee Grewal 5/21/20 8:19 PM 


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