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No Moment Like The Present

Funny thing life, we are born into this world free, innocent and pure, free of any anxiety, fears and worry. Yet as we grow up we take on thoughts , beliefs systems and fears that are so far from the truth of who we really are. We become separated from God, the soul and spirit within us. We spend seconds, minutes, hours, days , months and years thinking, obsessing, struggling, suffering and giving power to a force that is so far from the truth, carrying burdens that we think we have to bear. We hold onto the darkest thoughts, fears and anxieties as a blanket of comfort. The ego would have us believe this is the only way and take the smallest of discomforts and make it into a mountain of darkness. The mind will play illusions and create an insidious and deceitful truth. Have you believe that you have to live and accept a life of pain, suffering and struggle. The ego would have you believe you’re not good enough, worthy enough, beautiful enough, slim enough, strong enough, abundant enough. Always creating a feeling of lack and not enough. This is so far from the truth. How can a soul born out of love and the very essence of love itself be anything less than enough? How can a soul born of light be unworthy? Living in happiness, joy, and peace is our natural birth right.

We live in a time where people are constantly looking for happiness from outside of themselves, If I only have that house, that car, that relationship, that child, that money in the bank, then I will be happy and yet when they attain one they keep going to the next and the next never quite attaining the happiness they so desperately seek. Constantly looking to the future or looking back at the past in regret. How many days, months and years are spent looking back at the past or worrying about the future? How much time is lost on obsessing about things that are out of our control. So many people trying to control every aspect of living verses just being present and being in the space of receiving and allowing. So many people look to find answers outside of themselves when there is a never ending stream of answers, insights and clarity flowing from Spirit and within us. So many souls are feeling numb, disconnected, sad, lonely, unloved and unworthy. Pain and suffering has become a way of living. Children are growing up in a world of societal pressure and becoming so uncomfortable in their own skin that they try to become versions of a self that they see on tv, movies, pop stars, models and social media, They want to become what they think will be accepted. Children growing up becoming lost in a world of fantasy addicted to video games and electronics again another means of escape from the present reality. More and more we see that we live in a world of depression and people on anti depressants and medications just to cope with feeling and emotions, weighed down from worry, stress and anxiety. Some fall into the darkness of drug and alcohol addictions so that they can escape the reality of the world they live in. Trying to escape the mind, the feelings and emotions. Perhaps they have grown up in toxic home environments, been victims of domestic abuse, child abuse or sexual abuse. People are looking for a way to cope with the pain and suffering they feel. Suicide is the highest it has ever been. We live in a time where people are seeking a way of escape from their present reality. Why are so many people sad, depressed and feeling uncomfortable in their own skin? Is this not a wake up call?

On the other side of the shadow are those who are awakening, the light-workers, the truth seekers, the spiritual ones call them what you will for there are many. But they are awake and conscious to the love that they are and learning to accept it as their truth understanding the light that comes from within them and a power that is far greater than any fears created by the ego mind. The awakened ones have come to realize that living in hurt, pain and suffering is not necessary. There awakening to truth has allowed them to break the chains that have bound them in self delusions, hurt and suffering for so long. They have come to understand that true emotional fulfillment, happiness, peace, joy and love are not only possible but that they do not have to go searching for it and seek it out. It’s always been there.

So much time is spent so far away from the present. But isn’t the present the most important place to be. It’s in the present that we are experiencing life, it’s in the now we are breathing , feeling, tasting, touching, hearing and seeing. The past is in the past, we can’t go back to it and the future is unknown. The gift of life and living is only in the now. How many people are truly living? We get so caught up in life working, running errands, taking care of kid or pets, or other responsibilities, rushing to work or rushing to get home from work, getting the dinner or meals ready walking the dog or taking kids to school and activities , the never ending list of things that always need to get done. How many people are really being present in the moment , we are constantly one step ahead of the present. The mind is relentless and continuously chatters. So how can we learn to be more present?

Meditation holds the key to being present and attaining the peace and joy we all so desperately seek. It’s the quietening of the mind that allows us to hear the whispers of the God source within us. It’s in the moments of stillness, quiet and pause that we receive the greatest clarity and peace. Suddenly from that pause and quiet a true version of ourselves is born. We draw on the power of the spirit within us. We learn to navigate through the obstacles and challenges we face in a different way. The difficulty falls away and instead things feel effortless. Life isn’t complicated but the ego would have you believe that it is. When a question arises an answer has already been created. The problem is we look everywhere but within us. We try to control push and shove to make things happen verses allowing things to unfold naturally. We rush to make decisions verses taking the time to pause and go within to receive the clarity we so desperately seek. We need to stop trying so hard and take the time to get to know the beauty of the spirit within us. Return to the truth of who we are and what we are. It is time to return to the love of the spirit within. This is where the endless stream of well being resides. Happiness is not far off in the future, it is now. Return to the love that you are and know that there is no greater moment than the present.

Happiness is not far off in the future, it is now. Return to the love that you are and know that there is no greater moment than the present.

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