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LOVE IS YOU (Angelic Channeling)

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Love is You

Be quiet, be still and listen.  Listen to that place within you that is the divine spark of God.  Listen to the messages of your heart.  Take the time to be in stillness and quiet.  Find a place that is peaceful and away from all the distractions and noise.  Close your eyes and just breathe.  Breathe in that sacred divine breath of God and bring your awareness to your heart .  Your heart is the sacred key to all.  It is the place within you that holds all the answers and the keys to your success.  It is the place within you that holds the divine story of your soul.


You are that which you see. Love cannot be found outside of you because it is already within you.  Love is the blueprint of your soul.  True love is already yours.  Those that seek to find it outside of themselves are misguided.  This does not mean you are not meant to love others or be in divine partnership. For you not to love others is impossible.  You are all one. Loving others is a part of your journey.  However real true love can only begin with you. In truth it is already you.  You are love and Love is you! All encompassing unconditional divine love.  It is the real and only truth of who you are and what you are. If your creator God is LOVE , and you are created in his image and likeness then how could you be anything other than LOVE.  True love, unconditional love, is love without attachment.  Anything with attachment stems from ego, fear.

Love is Free

Love is free.  You cannot own love.  Love is not to be found, for it was never truly lost.  Love is within each and every one of you. You are raised from young children to learn a love that is based on attachments as were your parents and the parents before them. And as you grew older the beliefs systems of your friends and teachers and the world around you molded your beliefs and perceptions. However you cannot look to place blame upon anyone.  To learn love is a part of your spiritual path, journey and destiny.

To love another you must love all of who they are and accept who they are.  You cannot change someone to fit you.  If you need to make it fit then it is not for you! This applies to all your relationships. To try to force change upon someone to fit you, this is not unconditional love.  This is a love based on terms and conditions.  It is a love based on attachment. If someone does not love you, honor you or respect you, if someone mistreats you, you cannot change them or force them to love you.  They are but a reflection of what you feel on the inside. There are no mistakes within your relationships, every relationship is an opportunity for lessons and growth.  It is not only an opportunity but also necessary for the evolution of your soul.  It is your divine appointment to return to love. To return to self.  It is an opportunity for you to remember that the love that is you, is the love that is God.

If a relationship falls apart and comes to completion. Do not look at it as a failure.  Do not view it as a mistake and have regrets.  Do not carry the vibrations of hate, blame, resentments, anger.  These are all unnatural qualities of who you are.  They all stem from fear. Do no allow yourselves to view your experiences as a negative, all experiences can absolutely be viewed from the light.  We absolutely understand, anything that comes to an end can be painful.  We understand you feel sadness, hurt and grief. But it is also important for you to know, you feel hurt because you feel disappointment and you feel disappointment because you love with attachments and expectations.  Your expectations are based of what you want, what you desire.  They are not based off what your partners or others want or desire, remember this applies to all your relationships in life. For you all have free will choices. That is not to say that you would not have common interests.  But each of you are unique to you.  Each of you have your own needs, wants and desires.  It is only natural. You all have needs that may not match that of others. It is when you try to force what it is that you desire and want onto others that complications rise within your relationships.  When you try to change others to fit your personal needs.  That is not what unconditional love is.

Unconditional love of another, whether it be parent, friends, siblings, husband, wife, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, pets, means to love and accept them as who they already are.  It’s to accept and recognize the love within them that is the love within you.  To try to change them or expect them to change comes from wanting to control them, and it speaks more about who you are and what you feel than it does of them.  It does not allow them the freedom to be who they are.  It is not for you to decide what is good or not good within another. When you try to control or manipulate others to fit your needs, you are operating from a place of fear. You are out of alignment of who you are.  

Unconditional love is to love others even when your relationships haven’t worked.  Unconditional love is forgiving those who have hurt you and wishing them blessings regardless of what transpired between you.  For in truth no one has the power to hurt you unless you give them the power to.  Unconditional love is forgiving yourself for the choices you make because in forgiving yourself you are loving you. Unconditional love is loving someone and accepting the choices that they make , even if that choice was that they did not want to be with you and they chose to be with another.  It is wishing them love, happiness and joy, regardless of what happened between you. Unconditional love cannot be a love of ownership.  In truth if it did not work then it was not for you. It was an opportunity for you to learn unconditional love.  It was an opportunity for you to learn forgiveness.  It was an opportunity for you to learn to let go.  It was an opportunity for you to take back your power.  It was an opportunity for you to learn self worth.  It was an opportunity for you to learn that the most important person in your life is YOU. It was an opportunity and divine appointment for you to realize there is no greater love in this world than love of God and self.  You are the love that you seek.

When you learn that you are the love that you seek, it is then that you will start to show up in your life for that divine appointment that will align you with divine partnership.  It is then and only then that you can experience true divine partnership. For you attract those relationships in life that are a mirror of who you are.  You attract those that are a mirror and reflection of how you feel on the inside.  When you return to love, and realize that you are the love and one you seek, and when you can love yourselves more than loving any other.  It is then that true love can find you.

Live, be, embrace and become the love that you seek.  Honor that divine , beautiful spark within you that is rightfully yours, given to you by your creator God. See yourselves and others through the eyes of God.  You are all divine sparks of unconditional love and light. That light and spark within you is your strength.  Recognize it as the strength of God.  Always remember the love you seek is you.

We love each and every one of you.  With eternal love and blessings,

We the Angels.

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