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The Angels of Alchemy

May the Angels Guide You Upon Your Path.
May the Light of the Divine Shine Upon You Always.
Let it Awaken Your Soul to the Very Essence of Love and Light. 

Meet Dee

Spiritual Medium & Angelic Counselor 

"My life's work is to be of service to others.  To continue on an enlightened path and help others who are in need.  It is my goal to bring angelic guidance into the lives of those I meet. I wish to help people awaken to their spiritual essence and to all the wonderful amazing opportunities in their lives. To teach all that I have learned from the angels, as well as from my own life experiences that have made me the person I am today. 

Self-love and self-acceptance are the keys to a happy & healthy life. They are the keys to finding balance in mind, body, and spirit.  I am here to guide you in connecting with your guides & ancestors, in order to heal and reclaim true happiness, joy, and peace. To uncover an unwavering love & guidance from within."

With Love, Light, and Infinite Blessings,

Dee Grewal



Angelic Guidance 

Connect with A Departed Loved One/Pet


Reading & Attunement

Collective Energy Forecast 


Your Growth Is For You To Recognize The True Power Within Your Spirit

"Chills from the beginning!! The emotions that came from the reading tonight were unreal! She connected with stories, memories, love , family, friends and loved ones that brought tears to my eyes. Already booked a gift to my mom and mother in law with for them to experience her amazing gift."

- Nikki

"Dee is amazing. She is so in tune and a compassionate and grounded teacher. She is one of the rare individuals who really 'gets it' and relays her knowledge in a clear and concise way. She is a gifted medium and her energy of healing flows out, so just being in her presence is uplifting. Cannot wait to keep working with Dee."

- Mary

"I have to say, one of the finest psychic readings I have ever experienced! Today, I have had the pleasure of an extremely accurate and in-depth reading with Dee. It was so accurate, it was as if she was reading directly from my own soul. In light of my experience, which embraced profound, extreme accuracy, combined with a comforting presentation style, I am also endorsing her psychic readings."

- Sheila

"I have seen you touched the lives of so many people with your gift. I do believe God chooses certain people to help and reassure individuals that our love ones are with us and convey messages that life goes on and love is eternal and never-ending. You are one of those special people. The world is better and more beautiful place with you in it. God bless you always. 

- DB


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